Monday, April 03, 2006

Whitney Talk part II

Thanks to all who came out for the birthday talk at the Whitney. I was thrilled to see a hardcore Philadelphia contingent.

Check out the great Libby Rosof's opinion about it... artblog


piu piu said...

happy birthday! talk sounds awesome. unfortunately, the atlantic stood between me and it.

Anonymous said...

sorry I couldn't make it Zoe
I had to go to my house.
I tried to call for your birthday but your mailbox was full
could you crash my brothers wedding this weekend please its not the woman who tried to make out with you, he's marrying another lady

Corny said...

Gree c and Zoe can you come to my house in Brookly this sunday for Pizza and beer? I don't have your emails so sorry to be all public and all, just want to choll with you cats and team shredder is here...
write me

Corny said...

choll or chill, whatevs

Anonymous said...

Yes yes can you both go to Corny's please? Zoe I was hoping to meet you but it was a no go type of situation. However I have read up on the talk via Libby and it sounds like your panel round won the Whitney gold medal prize or something. I wish I had seen it. However I was home drinking sidecars with the bloggers. Anyway. Bye now. Wow! The Gallery. Haven't been there in ages. I ramble. Double bye.