Sunday, April 02, 2006

Talk at the Whitney

I have much more to say later, but right now just check out this commentary on the panels...

the Unreliable Tour Guide was on the first panel and has written a brilliant assessment of the evening.

I unfortunately didn't stay for the entire 3rd panel, so I was unable to fully experience the distinct differences between my panel and the following.

Here's what Momus has to say, "The difference in tone between the second and third panels last night was so gob-smacking that I couldn't help wondering if some new kind of left-right split hadn't inscribed itself into the leftish consensus, in the manner of Freud's "narcissism of minor differences". Tone and texture, mannerism and body type, gesture, outlook and focus were all fascinatingly different (see Figure 1)."

Figure 1

Holy shit, except for the "social worker" part I am every one of those things. My God, I'm an open book! However, I had to write to Momus and tell him that I was claiming Duchamp, fiction and intelligent in my column as well. And I would like to add these to his Outreachers/ In-Groupers list...

conspicuous vs. cloistered
earnest vs. knowing
True Absence of Fashion vs. Didactic and Ironic Absence of Fashion

From the little I saw of the 3rd panel, I'm certain of those distinct differences.

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