Saturday, April 01, 2006

PEI trip to the Whitney

I was very, very pleased to see these folks at the Whitney yesterday...

The ever fabulous and brilliant Paula Marincola
Ellen Maher
Tiffany Tavarez
Alex Baker
Bill Adair
Kate Ware
Elyse Gonzales
Eileen Neff

The above list is just a list of great people.

It was a strong Philadelphia contingent. I was very proud for myself and the state of Philadelphia arts.



Anonymous said...

I don't care for the state of the arts in Philadelphia. These seem like the same old names that hover about the community, choosing who does and does not succeed.
What has the Philadelphia Museum of Art done for struggling artists throughout Philadelphis? I don't recall a time when they hosted a show of local artists. Most other shows charge them fees to enter, and many don't get in and their money goes to the winners. I see the same people win over and over. I think administrators live on the back of alot of artists. A new set of funding should go directly for artists shows that don't charge a fee. Get better jurors who know their field and aren't caught up in the dragnet of who-knows-who. Separate funding from the living and the dead artist. Start supporting artists who can't afford all of the fees. Seems like the struggling artist has become the new unsupported worker.

ZS said...

I will go with this, I don't agree on several of your points BUT I fully agree with you about charging fees to enter into juried shows. I think it's ludicrous to charge for people to submit their work for open call exhibits.

Check this out.
The Leeway grant for women working in the Philadelphia area always includes a diverse group of jurors that look to fund women who are making art that is in all places in Philadelphia. And they give away 15,000 dollar grants that include a 150 dollar stipend for support materials for women who are invited back to the second round of jurying, allowing equal footing for the applicants. 46 women received the 150 bucks last year.

But! I am so glad you brought this up and will have more to say about it later.

Anonymous said...

philadelphia has more funding sources and institutional support for artists than any city i know about, so much. it could always be better, there is never ENOUGH support for artists - but philadelphia is near the top.

philadelphia needs more and better commercial galleries. the non-commercial and artist run spaces seem like the most interesting spaces.

nan said...

i am kicking myself constantly all day long here wishing i was there... missing you. and loving you.