Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Hell's Angels, Pagans and the Omish, baseball players, truck drivers, mothers and pilots; you folks have any suggestions for me other than speed? I know some of you have secret pick me ups. I'm a little tapped out.

First, let me tell you that

Crystal Meth

are all out

And as you all know...
"Caffeine is also effective at reversing some of the effects
of fatigue. It compares favorably to amphetamine in
improving cognitive performance but is less effective in
maintaining alertness."

Jesus, how much coffee can one lady drink? And I need mental clarity, which the coffee doesn't really help with.

Obviously I'm dating myself with this, but no black beauties. I will eagerly accept any energy drink suggestions. Let me know.


Anonymous said...

Are you getting enough protien? I've found when I skimp on it and then at long last have a serving of a healthy protien (usually along with a serving of vegtables or a fruit) I find and energy and mental clarity I was missing.
B-Comlex vitimins can help too.
And I know it sounds New- Agey, but it's easy to forget how a couple of deep, cleansing breaths and clear and quiet the mind.

ZS said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I hadn't though of protein...my diet is pretty much consisiting of coffee and candy right now. I will protein it up tonight!