Friday, January 06, 2006

"Robertson suggests God smote Sharon" "Zoe Strauss suggests G-d smite Robertson"

Actually, this is not even close to some of the worst shit Robertson has said, but I was just struck by how someone so mentally ill has any credibility in this world. I am not fan of Ariel Sharon, but I'm fairly certain that his stroke was not caused by the withdrawal from Gaza.


Anonymous said...

that's it I'm passing a basket right now in my own livingroom so I can hire some sycophant like Angel Watts -who seems to be able to steal 7,000 unsuspecting peoples self rightousness to make such statements as Robertson's spokeswoman
Robertson should not be on the air or the pulpit he could maybe be making 400 assorted sandwiches a day for people's lunch or some sturdy leather braided belts at a senior center somewhere

ZS said...

Gree C.,
If you can bag an Angell Watts for your own use, let me know because I'm a try and get in on the ground floor with that! I want to constantly say crazy shit and have someone say that I was "just quoting the bible."

For real, remember when Pat called for the murder of Hugo Chavez? Wasn't that the time for the braided leather belt suggestion to come from even his most sycophantic sycophant?

If only more people would listen to me and Gree C...