Thursday, January 05, 2006

Phase 1 of my audit

bush and cheney at federal building

Green Federal Building at 6th and Arch
How fucking horrible is this image?

I will try to go back and take a photo of this with my real camera, not my cell phone. Hopefully, I can finish the audit without having to go back for "Phase 2," but regardless of my audit status, I've got to got back and try to photograph this.


Phil said...

I love those photos, actually. Saw them for the first time in the Federal Courthouse in San Francisco.

George is all "Golly!" with that uncomprehending, adrenalized grin and Dick is all "Gotcha!!" with that newly-empowered smirk. A fascinating illustration of the difference between someone who thinks he's the man and someone who fucking well knows it.

ZS said...

Mr. Phil,
I'm with you on loving those photos! I am shocked that they are so telling and yet no one suggested to Bush that he furrow his brow a little or something. I can't wait to go back to get the real photo because Dick's smirk could take the paint off the walls in his federal building photo. That cell phone photo doesn't do his malevolence justice at all.
Ms. ZS