Friday, January 06, 2006

Mummers 2006 Part II

In most places in the US, New Year's Eve is the big event. Here in Philadelphia, we know that New Year's Day is the real deal.

making out3-1web.jpg

lights 7-1web.jpg

little riverfront mummer shooters12-2web.jpg

froggy carr8-1web.jpg

out on pavementweb

red and white wench8-1web.jpg

colonial village lady3-1web.jpg

kissing pirate boyfriend and girlfriend8-1web.jpg

mummers outside quaker city with glasses-1web.jpg

mum with coors light-1web.jpg

froggy carr tongue out-1web.jpg

outside quaker city18-1web.jpg

green and white mummer-1-2web.jpg

kissing green and purple wench-1web.jpg

fuck the broncos3-1web.jpg

woman in white coat with zebra gloves2-1web.jpg

reflection of pennsport caterers-1web.jpg

stones brigade guy and riverfront guy embracing-1web.jpg

man with tattoos at 2nd and reed12-1web.jpg

wreaths outside double door3-1web.jpg

2 st.-1web.jpg

making out2-1-1web.jpg

God Bless Philadelphia and God Bless the Rest of the World, too.

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