Wednesday, January 11, 2006

For Real

My posting will be a little slow right now because I am in the midst of an increasingly complex tax audit, I am buying a house, I am still having many technical problems with the powerpoint to dvd and having to work that out, I am working on the Whitney slide shows, I am working on the ICA ramp project and I am working on the upcoming 2006 I-95 show.

Unfortunately, I already work all the time on my editing, and I would really like to work more on actually making photos, so right now I'm kind of losing my mind.


The Capt'n said...

Dag Dagger, that's a lot, but except for the audit, a lot o'good, knock on wood. By the way, where's the house? Send me a pic yo.

Anonymous said...

Oh you too daggers being daggers
is it my imagination or is the capt'n starting to sound more like a pirate

as for the audit I wish I had known I would've had my mother go with you -she would've shown up with a shoebox full of little papers and started talkin' and they would have let you off just to get rid of her
I know your busy and it feels like hair-pulling madness but what about the animated series we are doing about Pat Robertson-you know when guest stars are invited to try and assassinate him -oh is Richard Dawson really not with us anymore he would be a good host