Saturday, December 24, 2005

South Philly Xmas Eve Day

I have made a vow, no, not to mix southern rock and county like Travis Tritt, but to photograph in South Philly on Christmas eve day. I was in line with most of the others out in our world, waiting to buy bread or rolls or desert and I was bleary having just woken up and driven to Cacia's, but next year, I'm on it with the photos.

I would say about 40% of the people walking around in South Philadelphia have actual pajamas on while out in the world on Christmas eve morning. I am one of those people, wearing actual matching pajamas purchased from Target. I wear sneakers and my coat with this outfit.

The look of South Philly ranges from casual to dressed on Christmas eve morning with a number of outfits that fit into 4 different categories.

1. Pajamas- clothes you have slept in. This could be sweat clothes or actual pajamas.

2. Around the House Clothes- sweatpants (or separate pajama bottoms for women) and a sweat shirt or coat over a tshirt. You could clean the house or just lay around in this outfit.

3. Around the House Clothes II- the exact same outfit but without stains or paint and is more likely to be from Old Navy as opposed to Hanes. You could visit in this outfit and leave the neighborhood.

4. Dressy Sweat Clothes- Sean John, bootleg Juicy Couture or real Juicy Couture, Baby Phat, Phat Farm.



Over 60 women- house coats
Over 60 men- at least one item that has been obtained for free, eg, Resorts casino baseball hat.


Slight Cultural Differences in Christmas Eve Day Footwear-

African-American men are more likely to wear slides and socks. Vietnamese men and women are more likely to wear flipflops with no socks. White women are more likely to rock slippers outside.

Of course, every group wears every possible combination.


The Capt'n said...

But whatever happened to scuffs, i.e. A+P or K-Mart sneakers with the part that goes over your heel flattened down so that it becomes a slip-on? Am I still living in the 70's?

ZS said...

no you are not living in the 70's, scuffs are still in full effect but only for ladies over 50. they are usually rocked with a housecoat, but could be rocked with a velour sweatsuit for quick out the house jobs, aka street and stoop sweeping. And, yes, scuffs are still primarily bobos in white or royal blue.
Zoe Strauss

The Capt'n said...

Such a relief!

bvsc said...

But what percentage were wearing Zubaz?