Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dude, I'm getting back to you

OK, these last 2 weeks I have been completely frozen- I have not returned phone calls or emails that I absolutely must return. I am working, but at an extremely sluggish pace and spending quite a bit of time staring. Just staring.

Not to worry, I'm already all doped up on Zoloft so there's no depression issues, it's just a matter of me being completely overwhelmed.

The new studio search is taking a tremendous amount of time and I'm freaking out because I need to be in a spot ASAP to get my work done for 95, ICA and the Whitney. I should have already begun the basic reordering of 2006 I-95 including about 10 new photos from the last 6 months, and that work doesn't even include the stuff I've got to do for Whitney and the ICA.

So, everyone, following Christmas I will be back up to regular speed.
Prepare for my return to normalcy.


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ZS said...

I'll give you normalcy right in the ass, Nan!