Monday, December 05, 2005

Camden, Part II

When I was in Nicaragua, one of my Sandinista tour guides was from Camden. He and his family were originally from Managua and he moved back to Nicaragua from Camden in the early 80s to support the Sandinistas. His American culture was frozen in 1983, his style was still early 80s in the mid to late 80s and his #1 jam was still by the Sugarhill Gang, "a pow-wow, just rock it out,
finger poppin to the break of dawn"

He had a homemade tattoo on his forearm, a thick line dagger with "N" on the handle. The "N" stood for North Camden and he would straighten out his arm and yell, "Norte!"

I am not that familiar with North Camden. I mainly know South Camden and the strip of Broadway from downtown to the Walt Whitman bridge. Hopefully, I will get to know North Camden a little better this year.


The Capt'n said...

I used to drive all the way through North Camden to the border of Pennsauken, where the bridge to Petty's Island was.

ZS said...

Are you refering to "scab island?" And what was Shawnie's address because you know I'm looking for a studio and I thought his house came up.

The Capt'n said...

yes I am referring to "scab island," though the scab part I suppose is union stealing domain from another union on a shabby technicality....yeah I guess you're right.
Shawnie's house was 1530 something Philip, directly behind his parent's house on two street. He bought it for cash from the neighbor in the early 80's for like $2,000 I think.