Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Revised Whitney Story

The Real Whitney Story-

So I was sitting at the counter at Schwab’s, just sipping my Coke, when they walked in. Apparently, they didn't have to look too far to discover new talent, they sat right down next to me as I was mapping out the order for the 2006 I-95 show.

With a glance at the I-95 map, one turned to me.

"We have traveled the world in search of the finest contemporary art, and here, demurely sipping a cherry coke, we have found the keystone to entire biennial."

Happiness ensues until this sad picture that Mr. Williams portends...

"I'm so happy for you. And will be, until that inevitable point where I see a picture of you
in Artforum, drug addled and surrounded by sycophants, wearing $1000
shoes and pompously photographing a patch of empty pavement in the
slums of some fashionably miserable 3rd world country."

For Christ's sake, Alexander, that moment can't come soon enough!

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