Friday, September 30, 2005

C'mon, E-----

I have known E----- for a few years; she was a stranger when I first approached her to take her photo.

I didn't see her around for about a year or two and then I saw her working at 7th and Wolf about a month ago. She's a South Philly gal like myself. She had moved around a lot in the last few years and ended up living just 2 homes away from where I first met her.


E----- at her new home. I'm feeling this photo.

e----- photos in apt3-1web

Photos of E-----'s kids.

162 e----- smoking

E----- at her old home. This is one of the first photos I made of her and it's one of my favorites.

Today E----- was wearing a shirt, "Will Fuck For Food." It's hysterical, but it ain't no joke. Despite all the horror in the idea that this is a truth and not a joke, and because the level of desperation is laid out for everyone to flinch from, I've got to give it to you E-----. You are a fucking riot. See you when I see you, baby!

e----- will fuck for food2-1web

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