Monday, August 22, 2005

Sibling Spotlight- Part III: SAVANNAH "NANNIE" ROBERTS

Last in a series focusing on the greatness of my siblings.

She who is the most shining star in the sky, Superfly, the world's greatest sister...PRESENTING

Ms. Savannah "Nannie" Roberts is one of the greatest people on earth and she's my sister. Like my other siblings, my sister is a genius. She is also so beautiful that your retinas could melt out of your head just from looking at her. What more can be said?

zs and nan

Nan is the most sensible member of my family. She is also the toughest. Do not cross Nan aka "angry teacher."
She lives in Brooklyn and works in a celebrity filled restaurant and goes to school while managing to be the flyest of all time. Ms. Nan is also a much better writer than me.

nan zs lb

I love my sister so much it's insane. Please listen to Elvis Costello and Van Morrison to celebrate Savannah Roberts.

4 siblings
Clockwise from left- Zoe Strauss, Cosmo Baker, Walker Roberts, Savannah Roberts

And this concludes Sibling Spotlight!

Coming up next, Mother of Invention, Ilene Baker.


bvsc said...

Please start rocking that mullet again ASAP.

nan said...

sibling spotlight is a success. i almost wanted to cry in this dumb internet cafe...if i wasn't so "tough" i might have. good job. you are #1 and you know it (not just in age my sister).
here is my story. when i was dating a certain young man back in philadelphia years ago (one who now works at m&n) i was feeling low one night as we were hanging out and i said to him how i was not nearly as cool as my mom or siblings and this young man responded, "no! you're way cooler than both you brothers, and i love them..." he paused , then continued, "..and your sister and mom have some years on you." touche