Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sibling Spotlight- Part II: "He Who Does Not Want to Be Named", W-lker R-berts

Second in a series focusing on the greatness of my siblings.

He who never wants his name spoken and had to move to Japan to keep people from talking to or about him...
W-lker R-berts.

Hasid Walker
As you can see from this photo, W-lker was very religious as a child.

W-lker, like my other siblings, is actually a genius. Because he is so against anyone talking about him, including his own family, I will respect him by only listing things of importance to him and not discussing his accomplishments.

1. Honeydew, the most underrated melon
2. Japan
3. Beatnuts
4. Movies

lb ans walker

Because my lady and I have been together for 16 years, she has know W-lker since he was 9. This is very fortunate because W-lker enjoys talking Ms. Bloom much more than he enjoys talking to me. This is because Lynn Bloom does not torture W-lker like I do.

zs and bmw

I love my brother very much but I would love him even more if he would just learn how to visit his family more than once every two years.

Next, the final installment in Sibling Spotlight, WORLD'S GREATEST SISTER, Nannie Roberts.


Anonymous said...

i can't believe you actually put my photo on the net. and i was going to give you a top ten list, jack-in-the-ass.

ZS said...

1st. I enjoy how you call it "the net."
2nd. I'm still expecting the top ten
3. I love you but you are still world's biggest jack-in-the-ass
4. You should be grateful that I didn't put up more.

Older Sister