Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ode to Artblog!

This paean has been a long time in coming.

Here in Philadelphia, we have the some of the most underappreciated arts writing in the world...the writing of Libby Rosof and Roberta Fallon.

Let me just go down the list of why I love these gals.

1. As art critics, Roberta and Libby both manage to deliver their informed opinions about the work that they're reporting on without the sense of know-it-allness that most critics have. Their critiques manage to deliver their own feelings about the art they're reviewing while also giving the reader a accurate description of the work, allowing the reader to really make up one's own mind as to whether or not they're feeling the art and if they want to check it out further.

2. These two ladies are dynamos. They report on a huge number of arts events and issues in Philadelphia, more than any other print or web source, including the Inquirer, the Daily News, City Paper and the Weekly. They post almost everyday, which to me is mindblowingly amazing and great. It's seriously taking me 2 hours to write this short thing and they could have written 20 long things that are articulate and informative. Meanwhile, I'm spellchecking this for the 90th time.

3. Roberta and Libby report on other stuff that makes me love them, their travels, their families, other Philadelphia stuff.

4. I am sometimes aggravated if they skip a day of posting. Now, that's mentally ill because Libby and Roberta are providing this incredible service out of the goodness of their hearts. It's remarkable that I want to read what they're putting up so much that I'm disappointed if a day is missed. In the last year, they've a become an important part of my daily life. And, look, I know I ain't the only one out there checking more than once a day.

5. They don't shy from gossip. And I love gossip.

6. Put them together as a team, they're great. Separate Libby and Roberta, they're still great. You can't go wrong!

Artblog also includes reviews and reports from other folks, so most of the waterfront is covered.

Philadelphia is really, really lucky to have them here and I am enormously appreciative of their hard work, their commitment to the arts in Philadelphia and their non-stop panache.

Go head, Artblog! You kick ass!

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