Friday, August 05, 2005


Here is the logo I use on my website.
ak logo

And here is the photo that was the source of the design.
zs ak logo photo web

This photo was taken of me about 18 years ago in Nicaragua. In the uncropped photo I'm standing next to the "comandante" who was in a wheelchair having been shot in the war. I was in Nicaragua for about a month, working on a farm and seeing the revolutionary glory of Managua and Esteli. It was a dangerous time there. The Contras were tearing shit up and, let me tell you, I saw our tax dollars at work ready to massacre whoever. I was there right after Ben Linder had been murdered and the uproar over his death had started. I was in Matagalpa, and saw his grave when I was there, but just because we were passing through.

I was part of a youth brigade and we got along famously. You know, our revolutionary fervor and what not. My first girlfriend, Heather Baade was in the brigade and this allowed me to have the perfect moment of my adolescence; having sex with a woman and supporting the Sandinistas. Sappho, No Pasaran!

Anyway, I was glad to have learned how to use the AK-47. We were going to go to the West Coast but the day before we were supposed go the Contras blew up the boat we were going to take. Plus, there was some Contra action near the El Salvadorian refugee camp we were staying at so it was good to know how to use the gun.

I'm sound asleep while I'm typing this.


laxwho said...

WOW!! Arre you going to go back?

ZS said...

I have always wanted to go back...I think after I collect my winnings from this year's family football pool, I can go back in style.