Friday, July 01, 2005

Upcoming project plans- Blair Mountain.

I must go to Blair Mountain in West Virginia. Do you remember how Richard Dreyfus was drawn to Devils Tower in Close Encounters? That's me, going to Blair Mountain.

Here's some Blair Mountain info...

"The Battle of Blair Mountain took place in 1921 after thousands of well-armed miners marched to Logan County to unionize the southern West Virginia’s coalfields. The union workers and their sympathizers fought a pitched battle with sheriff’s deputies and armed guards on Blair Mountain near the Logan-Boone county line. The battle ended with the arrival of the 10th U.S. Infantry from Fort Thomas, Ky. and a squadron of bombers from Langley Field, Va. On Sept. 4, 1921, the federal troops marched up Hewitt Creek in Logan County and the miners began to scatter. The defeat at Blair Mountain ended the United Mine Workers’ efforts to unionize southern West Virginia until passage of the National Industrial Recovery Act in 1933.

The only time in history that the United States government dropped bombs on its own people was in a fight to unionize the coal mines at the Battle of Blair Mountain in 1921."

Check out this short video about Blair Mountain.

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