Monday, July 11, 2005

3 photos of the same woman

Sometimes it will take me over a year to decide whether or not a photo is worth showing, and then I have to figure out how it fits into the continuum of my work overall.

I made these photos last year in July and I'm still mulling them over.

These photos have several components that make it difficult for me to decide where I'm going with them. In all of the photos, I'm somewhat wary of the grating on the left. Although I like the larger vertical lines, I generally try to shy away from a busy pattern in a portrait, unless it directly echoes an important part of the photo. I'm undecided about the painted text on the left in the first 2 photos. While I see few different readings in it, I'm not bowled over by it. However, I do like where she chose to stand in relation to the window. I also like the bracketing of the pipe on the right in conjunction with the grate on the left. And I like this woman. I like her expression and I liked my interaction with her. I love her self-confidence and I love her gender ambiguity.

Check this. #1 is full frame, #2 is the same photo cropped.
woman in red leopard shirt camden8email
1. I prefer to include the door grate on the right but I'd like to have the woman a little larger in the frame. But then...
woman in red leopard shirt camden8-croppedemail
2. I prefer the woman this size in the photo but it loses some necessary balance without the grate on the right. *after I posted this, I think the balance is actually fine in this cropped one.

#3 is full frame and #4 is the same photo cropped
woman in red leopard shirt camden6email

3. This is almost identical to the one above but her expression is just slightly softer.
woman in red leopard shirt camden6-croppedemail
4. Again, I like her bigger but I miss that strip of white in upper left.

#5 is full frame and #6 is the same photo cropped
woman in red leopard shirt camden3email
5. I think this is the strongest of the group. I love the way her shoulder is turned and her fist clenched tight, along with the word "stone" featured so prominently on the left.

woman in red leopard shirt camden3-cropped
6. I prefer having the pipe on the right in the photo but I think her size in this frame is the way to go.

To be honest, I'm still not sure about these.

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thats a man