Friday, June 17, 2005

Sibling Spotlight- Part I: COSMO BAKER

As many of you know, I am close with my family- 2 brothers, 1 sister and my mother. This is the first in an exciting series focusing on the greatness of my siblings.

COSMO BAKER aka younger brother.


Last night, my lady was reading Complex magazine and then, surprise, there was a little section about my own brother with a handsome photo. Cos works as a DJ and is often in the press with some something about him. Woe is the person who hasn't seen him work.

Cosmo has always been a musical genius. When he was about 6 or 7, a stranger knocked on our door on Spring St. and gave Cos drumsticks and a practice pad. Apparently, this guy who would periodically come to practice his saxophone across the street had talked to Cos a few times and they had some sort of music discussion or mini lesson that prompted this man to get Cos a drum kit because he had "never met a child with such perfect rhythm." I'm not kidding. How nuts is that?

Also, to me, Cosmo is the most humorous person on earth.

Check out Cosmo's website- COSMO BAKER
Holla at your boy!

Coming Soon
Part II- He who never wants his name spoken and had to move to Japan to keep people from talking to or about him...W-lker R-berts
Part III- The most shining star in the sky, superfly, world's greatest sister...Savannah "Nannie" Roberts.

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