Sunday, June 19, 2005


Right, so I'm having a show at the ICA.

How much more fancy can I get? Jesus H. Christ! My career is blowing up!
Can't knock the hustle, baby!

Ramp Project: Zoe Strauss
April 22– July 30, 2006
Institute of Contemporary Art
118 S. 36th St. Philadelphia, PA

I'm going to be doing a "ramp project," which is a commissioned project for the 52-foot ramp corridor that connects the first and second floors in the ICA. A part of my dream last night was that I painted


in a light color high up on the north facing wall and had attached binoculars to the railing at the entrance to see it clearly. In the dream, I was explaining the meaning (which I would never do in the non REM world in order to leave the text open to different readings). I often dream about shit like this. I'm not kidding.

I painted this on the SW corner of 5th and Wharton Sts. 9 years ago and, apparently, it's remained important in the continuum of my work. It's still really summing it up for me.


desperation with Paula and Liz

I put this up on the same wall about a month after "Desperation" went up. It went in the space to the left of "Desperation," the former foyer of the demolished house. You can see it in the photo with my friend Paula standing in the foreground.

history of hysteria

And then these went on the south east corner of 5th and Wharton. It's before I had pushed them together but after I had painted the ID numbers on them. 4/1/70
collision at sea

Also check this out...artblog. Robert and Libby are so up on everything, they never cease to amaze me. A shout out of love to Libby and Roberta.



Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure what I should wear to the opening.

bvsc said...

I am wearing nothing but a smile.

Anonymous said...

and I'll be there to applaud your entrance, in that case.