Friday, April 22, 2005

Thank You

ad amorosi
Ilene Baker
Cosmo Baker
Dave Bielanko
Serge Bielanko
Sancha Birns
Colin Black
Maryann Black
Lynn Bloom
Jill Bloom and Family
Peter Capolino
Citizens Alliance for Better Neighborhoods
Helen Cunningham
Christian DiCicco
Fran Deitrich
Paul Dickman
Manny Dominguez, Jr.
Roberta Fallon
Melissa Franklin
Sean Gares
Andrea Glauner
Kim Hamilton and Family
Leeway Foundation
Dov Leis
Mike MacFeat
Therese Madden
Paula Marincola
Jen Melchiondo
Alex Mechanick
Brian Mechanick
Jeremiah Misfeldt
Tezh Modarressi
Dan Murphy
Ted Newbold
John Powell
Kavita Rajanna
Savannah Roberts
Walker Roberts
Joel Rose
Libby Rosof
Randall Sellers
Christine Settino
Peter Shaw
Dick Torchia
Candace Vivian
Kate Ware
Kelley Weaver
And all who have supported me in this last year

An extra special thank you to my #1 mom who brought me an extra set of car keys when I locked my keys in the car in the Fresh Fields parking lot and then came to my house to check for my laptop when I thought I could have left it outside. Mom, you are awesome.

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-m said...

You thank Jen Melchiondo. I knew Jen at Goddard, I would love to say hi to her if you know her well, please tell here that Michael Howden says hi.