Saturday, April 09, 2005

final editing

It's very important for me to choose images that are strong enough to withstand not so great quality reproduction for the I-95 show.

This is one of my favorite photos taken this year, but it's too subtle to be read fully after it's been blown up on a color copier, laminated, then shown outside under an underpass with no lighting.

tape from torn down postersemail

This photo has lost a lot of detail in the final reproduction for the show, but even with the loss of detail, it's good to go. In the upper left hand window, a pigeon is sitting on the windowsill but you can't make it out in the copy. Although that's an important detail missing, the image isn't weakened at all by it's loss.

marines billboard2-1 for web site copy

Often photos that I would love to include don't make it into the show because of the loss of detail in the process of reproducing them. Others I love don't make it in because they don't fit into the overall syntax.

sheila and william15-sharpen email

I'm having a hard time placing this photo, but it might make it in at the last minute.

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Ilene said...

It is all in the details, my dear Watson, all in the details.