Friday, April 08, 2005


For this year's I-95 show, I will be installing 231 photographs...almost all from last year and 90 new. It seems impossible to have that many solid images ready, but I've gone through the work about one million times and it's there.
Now, here's what I must do,

complete the order of the photos
about half of the images to be installed are already copied. I need to copy the other hundred and twenty or so for exhibition
touch up the images that are a little dusty
send out for laminate and adhesive
cut to size
clean and number under 95
if needed, paint under 95
sort 5 dollar photos and insure there are at least 2 copies available of every image, copy those images that don't have 2 ready for sale

I probably can't expect to be on the cover of the weekend section this year, so I'll have to do a little more press stuff. Why am I typing this when I should be doing other work? Because I'm out of my fucking mind.

Here are some of the new photos included this year

Metropolitan hospital
kike grocery store
your future starts here
doors in open structure
doors in open structure2-1email
julia do not knock on my door
Cynthia Kropp
cynthia kropp18-lgtemail
shot car
fun city
record show with ceiling
vet wall of years
Marines billboard
marines billboard2-1 for web site copy
casino walk by with clouds
back of float wildwood
let's roll/ anxious
after flood 69th st.
camden card trick
card trick8 cropemail
Star search w/flag
video poker food stamps
code red
14 dumpsters
14 dumpsters email copy 1
under el drug arrest
Daddy tattoo
daddy tattoo womanemail copy
las vegas arrest
ice on cabinets in projects
getwell pharmacy
you can feel good about
you can feel good about with dirt2 web photo of the week copy
leo's house day after house death
circus circus lights
circus circus lights2email
crystal room
divine loraine hotel
deleted 76ers at front and oregon
76ers blacked out2email
covered highway grafitti
eveyone deserves a 2nd chance
everyone deserves 2nd chance editemail
gaslight commons
photo mural
photo mural7 copy

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