Friday, March 11, 2005

old work

woody guthrie

I painted this mural at 5th and Wharton about 10 years ago. This was the first image for the mural, but the names of the stars in the constellations became much smaller.
It was up for about 2 months.

The text used in the mural was from a descriptive list in Woody Guthrie's book Bound For Glory...each star was one description and each constellation was a list between semi colons.

“Movie people, hoss wranglers, dead enders, stew bums; stealers, dealers, sidewalk spielers; con men, sly flies, flat foots, reefer riders; dopers, smokers, boiler stokers; sailors, whalers, bar flies, brass railers; spittoon tuners, fruit-tree pruners; cobbers, spiders, three-way riders; honest people, fakes, vamps and bleeders; saviors, saved and side-street singers; whore-house hunters, door-bell ringers; footloosers, rod riders, caboosers, outsiders; honky tonk and whiskey setters, tight-wads, spendthrifts, race-horse betters; blackmailers, gin soaks, comers, goers; good girls, bad girls, teasers, whores; buskers, corn huskers, dust bowlers, dust panners; waddlers, toddlers, dose packers, syph carriers; money men, honey men, sad men, funny men; ramblers, gamblers, highway anklers; cowards, brave guys, stools and snitches; nice people, bastards, sonsabitches; fair, square and honest folks; low, sneaking greedy people”

Bound for Glory
Woody Guthrie
pp 258

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