Tuesday, March 01, 2005

3 photos unsuitable for outdoor display

I almost always tell the person I'm taking a portrait of to pose however they want. I have no idea why these men opted to show their penises. The folks in my portraits are all people who I've met only when I've approached them to ask if I could take their photo. The men in these photos are strangers to me. I explained my project to them and we talked for a minute or 2 and then I took their photo. I didn't encourage or discourage these guys, but I was excited to see them so fully participate in the portrait.

Often, there is a conspiratorial feeling between me and the person I've asked to photograph. Sometimes, in the few minutes we spend together, it's as if we really, really know each other and have a shared secret.

What makes the following photos so compelling to me is not just the composition of the photos, it's also the full-blown craziness of getting out your penis in a public place to have a complete stranger photograph you. Two of the photos with penises out are solid enough for showing. The last photo is weak and I wouldn't exhibit it, but it's interesting to me why it doesn't work. None of these moments were repulsive or frightening. Actually, they were great moments.

mummers exposing penises copy

1. I was laughing so hard when I took this photo, I could barely hold the camera. Guys, god bless you.

1 mummer pouring bud on another mummers ass copy 1

2. This can be shown outside and I love it, but I'm on the fence about it's placement in the 2005 95 show. It will probably find it's way into the 2006 show.

pecker-2 copy

3 and 4. I really like this photo, but it's not nearly as powerful as the one below it. Sometimes subtleties evoke a much stronger reaction in me. The photo below has a menacing quality, a stronger sexuality and his expression is beautifully impassive. There's a greater depth to the photo below than the one above. That being said, the photo above is one of my all time favorites.

lurch-2 copy

jerking off4 email copy

5. This photo is phenomenally boring to me. The composition is weak and although a man masturbating in his car should really be engaging, it's just flat. In some ways, I was happy to have this picture fail. I work to have formality and intimacy in every photo. However, despite the subject and interior framing of this photo, it has neither. Sometimes, albeit rarely, I need a kick in ass to think harder.

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