Thursday, March 01, 2012

74 daddy tattoo woman.jpg

This photo is of Monique Carbone. It's a photo of my neighbor. And a photo of someone who mattered to a lot of people, including myself. Monique had difficulties moving through life, like so many of us, and she was brave and generous in allowing me to make the photos I made of her knowing that they would move out into the world with no context. And beyond that, her family was/is loving and supportive of Monique and has been more than generous in letting Mo's image move around in the world with little or no context.

But here's some context right now. Monique Carbone loved and was loved by family and friends. She was beautiful, even when she was battling some of the hardest shit in life that people have to deal with. And this photo was made with love.

I love Monique for all she's given to the people who see her photo. And I love Gina, Monique's mom, and the whole family, and am grateful to have all of them in my life. Thank you for allowing me to show the photos of your daughter. I respect her, I respect her family, and I am filled with love and gratitude for how much she's given by letting her photo be made.

Love you, Mo. Thanks.

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TAKIA said...

I went to school with Monique an when i found out about her death it devastated me. we were so close and after middle school she went to job corps. i applied there cause she said it was good. i wonder in my mind and for closure to my heart what happened to my dear friend...