Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jay Kirk

This is Your Warning!

Yes, you. You there: citizen, viewer, reader. You there, vehicular occupant, trying to escape under cover of night. Disregard this message at your own peril. Do not doubt for a moment that these words, this impersonalized message, delivered here in flashing industrial pixels, on the least personal shunpike of the American Dream, is not intended for you alone. This is your warning. Beyond this point there are no returns & no excuses. Do not say you weren’t warned when it’s too late. If you feel that this warning has reached you in error please try to grasp the fact that such beliefs are in part cause for your warning. Not all travelers are so lucky. If nothing else, feel grateful that you have received a warning at all. Know that you were warned because you are/or/were valued & because all citizens get at least one warning. Even if, on the infrequent unfortunate occasion, a warning fails to arrive in time, or, en route, the jist gets muffled. Lost in the shuffle. Power outages are not unknown. But the jig is up, the message is clear, this is your final notice.

- Jay Kirk

In response to This Is Your Warning.

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