Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Billboard Project: Matt Tune

I head to many of the billboards to hand out maps and discuss the images. Sometimes I make photos of the visits, but most often I don't. It's just talking.

matt tune at bp station_9922 web


john and Matt Tune_9896_1 web

John, on the 5300 block of Lindbergh. He lives across from the photo of Matt Tune and we talked about why Matt Tune was placed there.

neeyah_9892 web

Here's Neeyah, we talked for a while about why the photo of Matt Tune was there. She was about it.

Jas at the BP... Billboard maps available at the 54th and Lindbergh BP gas station. Thank you, Jas!

Jas works at the BP station, and said to let folks know they can feel free to stop and pick up some billboard maps at the station, which is at 54th and Lindbergh. I periodically stop and drop them if they've run out.
Thank you, Jas! Jas is much friendlier than he appears this photo.


Billboard maps in the door of a house on Lindbergh blvd, with Matt Tune reflected in the window


Matt Tune is a shrimper who was out of work for a long period of time due to the BP catastrophe. This billboard lends to interesting discussions about Matt Tune's connection to the neighbors and workers at the gas station who face his image. How is he related to the neighborhood in regards to his connection the BP catastrophe, how are we connected? It's been a pleasure for me to both participate ihe discourse that's come up in relation to this image and to listen to others talking about it. More questions than answers crop up. So, success.

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