Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today I'm taking Allan to the airport, and I have been remiss in giving a shout out to Sally Stein and Allan Sekula who I love very, very much. I'm so grateful that they came for the opening and the panel discussion. Thanks to Sally for writing an incredible essay included in Ten Years, "How Do We Look: Counter-Intuitive Prompts and Probes in Zoe Strauss's Resurgent Social Documentary Photography." It was an incredible honor to have her write an essay for the catalog.

Here's two other great places to read Sally's writing:

John Gutmann
The Photographer at Work
By Sally Stein

Montage and Modern Life: 1919-1942
Which includes a knock out of an essay by Ms. Stein.

Thanks to Allan for screening The Forgotten Space in Philadelphia.

I love you guys.

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