Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Philadelphia Mag... the highlight of this is that I am the least cool person you'll ever meet. As is evidenced from that housecoat I'm wearing, because I was cooking soup when Ryan came over to make my photo. Also, I am eating a cheez-it in this photo. Please note it's not a CHEESE NIP, because I can't go for those.

Thanks to Mr. John Powell for the scan.


Christopher Paquette said...

I would love to eavesdrop on the casual cocktail party chatter between you and Dodo Hamilton

Anonymous said...

re: Cheese nip

Just had a pkd of cheese nip ($0.59) at Dakotas plus a couple of beers (16 oz. cans of Yeungling Premium @ $1.50 apiece) but the good thing is I finally found Kate (barkeep) again.

Would have posted rejected (CP) I Love You I Hate You but I deleted it from my save box.

-- Allan Smithee

postscritp: Lynn will be *extra extra* jealuaous but we will dance at PMA!!!

All The Best,

Sam the Lesbian Studd (aka A. Smithee)

ZS said...

A Dodo highlight is that my sister-in-law was her personal trainer in the early 90s.

Love both you guys.