Thursday, November 10, 2011

Middle Age

Past 40 it feels like everything is filled with everything, all coming at a breakneck pace. The mundane feels imbued with both melancholy and joy. For me, all the great things have a little bit of pain, and the horrible things illuminate the luck and happiness in my life.

This week I picked out the art for my office. During the run of the show, I'll have use of an office and I'll have office hours, Sundays from 12 to 5, Fridays times TBA and times by appointment. I'll be using Timothy Rub's satellite office in the main building, Anne d'Harnoncourt's old office. The 3 pieces I've chosen for the office are all from the Modern and Contemporary Art permanent collection and they are all paintings: "Last Sickness" by Alice Neel, 1953, which is a painting of hers that I've always loved. And beautiful abstract painting by Jacques Villon, "Sketch for 'Puteaux (Smoke and Trees in Bloom, No 2)'," painted in 1912 and acessioned in 1950 . And "Profile of a Young Man" by Lucius Crowell... I'd never heard of this artist and I'd never seen this painting before, but it seemed right to me and so into the office it goes. What mindblowing moment it was to choose those paintings.

And of course another tooth is falling out of my mouth. This is one part of the several pieces that just fell out.

Tomorrow, rescheduling many things for an emergency dentist appointment. And working on the exterior slideshows and the billboards. And making a photo of Fernando. And getting a haircut, hopefully, and sending images, and writing text, and bringing in the car again, the engine light is on. And meeting Victor to make a photo, hopefully for the slideshow. And getting my lady, she's been away for 2 days and I can't wait for her to get home. I hope this is the end of our travelling without each other for a while.

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