Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Defining Jerusalem: Israel-Palestine Conflict Comes To The Supreme Court

My obsession with Jerusalem, which is always at a simmer, is now at a full boil when I heard about Jerusalem having passports issued solely with Jerusalem, no country.


"'I'm sorry,' interjected Justice Elena Kagan, but 'it's a passport statute that seems to have nothing to do with the usual immigration functions.' Instead, it has everything to do with Congress' declaration of foreign policy 'as to recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.' Congress, noted Kagan, did not allow Palestinians born in Jerusalem to list Palestine as their place of birth.

Yes, it did, asserted Lewin. Palestinians born in Jerusalem prior to 1948 can say Palestine' as their birthplace.

'Well,' replied Kagan, 'you have to be very old to say Palestine.'

'Not all that old,' shot back Justice Ginsburg, who was born in 1933."

- from Can Passports List 'Jerusalem, Israel' As Birthplace?


I have Jerusalem in my mind a lot, and the possibility of a project on the city has been floating around for the last 2 years now feels pressing to me, even with this massive museum show coming up.

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