Friday, October 07, 2011

Glass–Steagall Act


Allan Smithee said...

Fair Game: Speculators Get a Break in New Rule

"A loaf of whole wheat. A gallon of gasoline. A pair of Levi’s. Americans are paying more for many basic items this year, making tough economic times even tougher.

"But these hardships for consumers provide another reason to check in on Dodd-Frank, that package of financial reforms that Congress passed in 2010.

"Here’s why: Congress told federal regulators to write rules that would ensure that Dodd-Frank does what it’s supposed to do, which includes protecting consumers. But the Commodity Futures Trading Commission has proposed rules that critics say might actually encourage speculation in the commodities markets, rather than reduce it."

Click Here for complete NY Times Article by Gretchen Morgensom

ZS said...

Thank you for that link. Much love.