Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Not For Billboards, And One Yes For Billboards

Women in Brighton
This one is no, too 60's film still


I don't think that the photo below can be used as a billboard, because we are constantly bombarded with false images that evoke the same kind of "disaster dread." The difference being, of course, that the image below is of the site of the BP catastrophe and has had a real impact on our lives. But LARGE, with no text, it will be easier to bypass that image as opposed to either abstract images or small, human-scale moments, which are almost never writ large like fictitious Armageddon images. This overhead shot isn't all the way out of the running yet, but I'm 95% no for it. It came to my mind immediately in constructing the billboard syntax but when I went to take a look at the visual congestion that's part of our landscape, I think it might get lost.

Flight Over Gusher Site


Film Still/Ad for Battle:LA


But this one? This 2/3s eaten or 1/3 left cake celebrating the Shrimp and Petroleum festival? This one is yes.


Anonymous said...

re: Flight Over Gusher Site

That image would fit great in my neighborhood. There's a vacant billboard next to 1-95 & the Veteran's Park in Port Richmond.

Here's a photo:


Also, the guy who's been cleaning up the park says they're planning on painting a mural under said billboard. Aren't you part of a mural commission or group?

Told him I'd email you about it sometime this week for more info.

Allan Smithee

ZS said...

I'm not part of a mural group, but I'm super excited to hear that's happening. I hope it's a mural of a robot battle!

ZS said...

Also, much love Mr. Smithee!