Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Here's some writing that's come in for 10 Years, a kind of call and response to photos.


If ya break the skin you must come in…….

This was the title to the documentary on zoe…..I myself helped with the making of this film…..This photo will forever be imprinted on my heart because it brought soo many people together. It brought different cultures and backgrounds together to create something wonderful. It gave us (youth in foster care) the power to express ourselves thru something other than what the stereotypes and labels say we do. The ability to say we created something wonderful. It allowed so many youth to have an experience of their life….I, myself, would have never done a thing like that. Not only was it an experience of a lifetime but it allowed me to meet an awesome woman…..I love her and I love her family. She has been there more for me then most people in my life and has helped me more than anyone I know. They are all awesome…..I have a new found passion for photography and art. So whenever I look at this picture my heart gets all warm and fuzzy because it has given so much to me.

By Charday Laverty.

if you break the skin

(Aside by Zoe Strauss- Love you, Laverty)

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