Saturday, August 13, 2011

morgan city window reference web

I'm working on a lot of things right now, the book, the prints, ancillary exhibit components and ideas. All of the components of the exhibition are important to me, but the most exciting and daunting is the Billboard Project. I will have over 30 billboards throughout the city during the month of January, and I will have some billboards January through March. I'm working full throttle on it.

Because I'm loosely using the The Odyssey as the basis for the structure of the Billboard Project, I've been coming back to the Morgan City Window image. Right now, it's a reference for me, not a contender for an image. I can't quite get my finger on what it is about it but the reflection of the masts and the cloud "exhale" mean something to me.

Almost a year ago, my friend Michael Macfeat commented "This should be the dust jacket for a copy of Homer's Odyssey," on one of the many variations of this image up on my flickr. His comment coincided with a renewed interest I'd had in the Odyssey. And now that I think about it, I think his seeing the connection in this image is something that's driven me forward in this project. Have I mentioned before that I love Macfeat? I'll mention it again. I love him and I love his work and am grateful to know him. His support has meant so, so much to me. He's made several off the cuff comments that have found their way into my work months, and years, later. Thank you, Macfeat.

morgan city window_1183_2 web


Unknown said...

It was marvelous to see this today, especially today.
I, of course, have no recollection of making that comment.
It is heartening to know that someone listens to me occasionally since as you can see I don't.
Thank you for your continued support.
We both know that you have a thing for underdogs.

ZS said...

love you.