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Nostos: the very first thinking about the structure

The Odyssey: Book II

"Dawn came, showing her rosy fingers through the early mists, and Telemachus leapt out of bed. He dressed himself, slung a sharp sword over his shoulder, strapt a stout pair of books on his lissom feet, and came forth from his chamber like a young god."

Rouse Translation, 1937


"When primal dawn spread on the eastern sky her fingers of pink light, Odysseus' true son stood up, drew on his mantle, slung on a sword-belt and a new-edged sword, tied his smooth feet into good rawhide sandals and left his room, a god's brilliance upon him."

Fitzgerald Translation, 1961

I'm mostly going with the Fitzgerald translation, but for this passage I'm going with the Rouse translation.

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The Odyssey: Book IV

"Never, anywhere, have I seen so great a likeness
in man or woman"

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The Odyssey: Book III

"Now Zeus forbid, and the other gods as well,
that you should spend the night on board, and leave me
as though I were some pauper without a stitch,
no blankets in his house, no piles of rugs
no sleeping soft for host or guest! Far from it!
I have all these, blankets and deep-piled rugs,
and while I live the only son of Odysseus
will never make his bed on a ship's deck--
no, not while sons of mine are left at home
to welcome any guest who comes to us. "

The Odyssey: Book XXIII

"That bed
that rest is yours whenever desire moves you"

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Felix Gonzalez-Torres
by Ross Bleckner
BOMB 51/Spring 1995, ART

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Loss Within Loss: Artists in the Age of AIDS by Edmund White

Cookie Mueller. From Cookie Mueller's wikipedia page:

"Cookie Mueller grew up with her parents in the Baltimore suburbs in a house near forests, a mental hospital and railroad tracks. She was nicknamed Cookie as a baby: "Somehow I got the name Cookie before I could walk. It didn't matter to me, they could call me whatever they wanted." During her childhood Cookie, along with her parents, brother and sister, took roadtrips across the country:
'In 1959, with eyes the same size, I got to see some of America travelling in the old green Plymouth with my parents, who couldn't stand each other, and my brother and sister, who loved everyone. I remember the Erie canal on a dismal day, the Maine coastline in a storm, Georgia willow trees in the rain, and the Luray caverns in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia where the stalagmites and -tites were poorly lit.'"

Walking Through Clear Water in a Pool Painted Black by Cookie Mueller

La Corona
La Corona
The Crown
The Crown

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The Odyssey: Book IV

But now it entered Helen's mind
to drop into the wine that they were drinking
an anodyne, mild magic of forgetfulness.
Whoever drank this mixture in the wine bowl
would be incapable of tears that day--
though he should lose mother and father both,
or see, with his own eyes, a son or brother
mauled by weapons of bronze at his own gate.

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The Odyssey: Book III

"The sun rose on the flawless brimming sea
into a sky all brazen- all one brightening
for gods immortal and for mortal men
on plowlands kind with grain."


"The butcher-boy puts off his killing-clothes, or sharpens his knife
at the stall in the market, I loiter enjoying his repartee and his shuffle and break-down."

Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

The Odyssey: Book III

"Aretos brought clear lustral water...
Thrasymedes who could stand his ground in war,
stood ready, with a sharp two-bladed axe,
for the stroke of sacrifice, and Perseus
held a bowl for the blood. And now Nestor,
strewing the barley grains, and water drops,
pronounced his invocation to Athena
and burned a pinch of bristles from the victim.
When prayers were said and all the grain was scattered
great-hearted Thrasymedes in a flash
swung the axe, at one blow cutting through
the neck tendon. The heifer's spirit failed.
Then all the women gave a wail of joy--
daughters, daughters-in-law, and the Lady Eurydike,
Klymenos' eldest daughter. But the me
still held the heifer, shored her up
from the wide earth where the living go their ways,
until Peisistratos cut her throat across,
the black blood ran, and life ebbed from her marrow."


Book III

"they kept on to their journey's end. Behind them
the sun went down and all the roads grew dark."


are we not drawn onward
drawn onward to new era


To see thoughts and work behind cultural products doesn't diminish the magic of the final product. Knowing the chemical process of how a Polaroid works doesn't lessen the amazement of when the image appears.


Fragments from Wedding Songs

"Raise high the roof-beam, carpenters.
Like Ares comes the bridegroom
taller far than a tall man.

Artists, raise the rafters high!
Ample scope and stately plan--
Mars-like comes the bridegroom nigh,
Loftier than a lofty man. "

The Poetry of Sappho


Butler’s Authoress of the Odyssey: Gendered Readings of Homer, Then and Now
Mary Ebbott


La Corona

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