Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In Loving Memory of Lawrence Edward Rose, Jr. 10/19/87 - 7/12/07

mattress flip

Lawrence "Boo" Rose is pictured here standing on the right, in back of the mattresses. He was shot in June 2007, close to where this photo was made, and died on July 12, 2007.

Today I met his mother, Dorthea, and his sister, Sumayya. I'll write much more about this later, but I love Dorthea and Sumayya and we are now in it for life. Boo has brought a lot of joy into the world through this photo and I hope that his image will continue to bring love, connection and healing for as long as it will be seen.

rip boo_3569 web

Sumayya, Lawrence's sister, memorial tattoo.

Dorothea Richards_3572 web

Dorothea Richards, Lawrence's mother.

Love you.


"Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."


Be Near Me When My Light Is Low
Lord Alfred Tennyson

Be near me when my light is low,
When the blood creeps, and the nerves prick
And tingle; and the heart is sick,
And all the wheels of Being slow.
Be near me when the sensuous frame
Is rack'd with pangs that conquer trust;
And Time, a maniac scattering dust,
And Life, a Fury slinging flame.

Be near me when my faith is dry,
And men the flies of latter spring,
That lay their eggs, and sting and sing
And weave their petty cells and die.

Be near me when I fade away,
To point the term of human strife,
And on the low dark verge of life
The twilight of eternal day."


We are all near, and many have benefited from your life and your presence. I have benefitted in too many ways to count.


Unknown said...

"Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

There is a wonderful song that uses this poem as lyrics on Fragments of a Rainy Season recorded live by John Cale.

Anonymous said...

Wow. So many years, my favorite photo. I never knew. And you never told me the story.

Monica Bielanko said...

So sad. What a sweet boy. Greatest photo.

Jill Katz said...

I remember this photo well from when you had your show at ICA. It is one that I often lingered in front of, not only for its amazing composition, but for these two boys. Such sad news and so pointless for a life so full of promise.

Anonymous said...

I look at this photo practically every day since it is on a shelf by my bed! The improbability and joy of it never ceases to move me. Please let his family know that Boo continues to live on in people that he never knew!

ZS said...

I will... Thank you!