Friday, July 01, 2011

Call For Documentary Photography
of Today’s Economic Hard Times

The current economic hard times Philadelphians and other Americans are experiencing share many features with earlier times like the Great Depression. In other respects, today’s problems are very different. During the Depression era, there was great interest in discovering how the hard times affected real people, which led to the rise of programs such as The Farm Security Administration, whose Photo Department became famous for thousands of images that profoundly changed how Americans looked at themselves and at the poor in their midst.
This upcoming photography exhibition evoking today’s economic hard times will be a backdrop to a five-part series of educational programs called Class Warfare In Philadelphia, which is being held between September 8th and November 3rd. There will be an official opening for the exhibit as part of the September 8th Forum on Foreclosures being held at Moonstone Arts Center, 110A South 13th Street in Philadelphia. Topics of additional forums will include vacant land; public unions; financial institutions (a la “Inside Job”); community organizations involved in local class warfare; and a debate by candidates for Sheriff of Philadelphia.
Deadline for photography submissions for CLASS WARFARE is 7/31/11. Photographers should email low-resolution jpegs to curators Eric Mencher ( and Ted Adams ( for consideration. Forty photos will then be selected for the exhibit; they will also be included in a slide show along with images from the many other submissions.
Photography selection will be completed by 8/15/11. All photos must be framed and delivered to Moonstone Art Center, 110A South 13th Street, between 8/29/11 and 9/2/11, 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Information: or 215-551-6149.


Harry Hilders said...

Interesting read.

Ms. Thompson's Blog said...

I checked the Moonstone website and couldn't find any additional information on this photography exhibition/event. I don't want to submit anything, just attend. Anyone know where I can find additional info?