Wednesday, July 06, 2011

At the studio today born again white guys in recovery said Namaste to Asian neighbors. They sometimes say Namaste mistakenly to Mexican neighbors. An illegal casino is happening in the kitchen right across the alley from the backyard and I can't keep up with weeds. I scheduled cement work in May and they kept pushing it back until they totally bailed on me. I need electrical work and there's no internet at the studio.

Thanks to my next door neighbors, who are the greatest and so patient with my weed up keep. My neighbors on the other side are friendly, but speak minimal English.

I feel behind on everything and I'm working non-stop. I'm on facebook about 3 hours a day at this point while I'm waiting for large files to open, but I'm thinking that's going to cut down quite a bit when I don't have to stare at the computer waiting for something to open.

I've got a crazy stalker which had been slowing me down, but I refuse to hold back on my commitment to transparency through the end of 10 Years. My lady had said that comes with recognition for one's work. OK, I'll try and handle it.

Ron's got a set of new teeth and they look great. I'm having a show at the art museum. Paid for my root canal today, and always anxious about money. Taxes need to be done.


Anonymous said...

re: I've got a crazy stalker

Fine! No more Pastries & Email for you! And L.B.!

Ok. Not funny.

But on the bright side, seems things are coming together nicely for you vis-a-vis your art.


Allan Smithee

ZS said...

I wish you were my crazy stalker! xoxo