Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Here's photos I made in my high school photography class.

IMG_0007 web

Broad and Olney, 1986

IMG_0002 web

Northeast Philadelphia, 1986

IMG_0006 web

Lot behind Berks El Stop, 1986

IMG_0001 web

Lot behind Berks El Stop, 1986

IMG_0027 web

Lot behind Berks El Stop, 1986

IMG_0008 web

Northeast Philadelphia, 1986

IMG_0016 web
I think this is a Pagan Babies show, 86 or 87... more likely 86.

IMG_0013 web

Philadelphia Eddie's Tattoo, 1986

IMG_0010 web

Bridge/Pratt El Stop, 1986

IMG_0021 web

Kid on Skateboard, 1986

IMG_0023 web

Kensington, 1986

IMG_0014 web

One of a million hardcore shows, 1986

IMG_0020 web

another one of a million hardcore shows, 1986

IMG_0009 web

Contact Sheet, 1986

high school contact sheet web

Contact Sheet, 1986

I found these in an old binder and am saving them for my high school talks.


Anonymous said...

Great Stuff!

Allan Smithee

Michael Bukowski said...

OH MY GOD! who are those awesome 80's rockers!?

Meredith said...

wow. i guess you were pretty much born with talent! amazing stuff.

Matt Weber said...

Damn Zoe,
You were rockin' the TRI-X big time and you didn't even know it!!!

ZS said...

That's how I rolled at 16!

ruben said...

It is very interesting to see your work as an adolescent.
You can see the early seeds of your work there Zoe. Some of them are really good. I hope you get to show them some day.


cosmobaker said...

Kid On Skateboard is Eric Waldron. So ill

ZS said...

Thanks brother! I couldn't remember his name.

Tema said...

These made my day.

vitakot said...

Great time! And great shots!