Thursday, April 14, 2011

How is an atom split?


History will absolve Mike said...

Traditionally two partners own an atom have a difference of opinion on how to exploit it. Eventually they argue over its use and cut it in half, like the parable of King Solomon but they actually go through with the act. Eventually they find out that one half of an atom is a pittance and begin to blame their former partners (rather than their own greed) for tricking them into sharing even half of it.
The soundtrack that Ry Cooder produced for Paris, Texas plays throughout, although in a slow remix by Brick Baker (under a Sephardic pseudonym to avoid difficulties with his current record label) and when Cooder consequently hears it, he loves it and couldn't care less about the copyright infringement because by this point he is getting royalty checks for $1.36 every three months for the original.
The split atom is the basic tenet of both late-Capitalism and common law divorces.

jonathan_lipkin said...

Very small knife