Friday, April 29, 2011

30 to 40: Part 7

G-d damn, this was a big project. And there's no way I could have brought it to where it came without an extraordinary support system. Particularly the support my sister, Savannah, and my mother, Ilene, have given me. You can't imagine how much I've asked from them and how they've given it without reserve. My sister has manned the sales table at I-95 from the first to the last show. That's something to be really grateful for. Can you imagine having to spend the first weekend in May selling 5 dollar photos for your sister for 10 years? That's beyond generous.

(Paragraph to be inserted regard long term relationships, interns signed on for a lifetime, eg Manny, cross over discussion)


Under the highway at Front and Mifflin, overhead traffic hitting the transverse joints can make it loud in the space underneath, often making people have to shout to be heard. And there's a shaft of light that runs down the middle of the space right at 1PM during the beginning of May. It lasts for less than 20 minutes and was as beautiful and important to me as any another part of the installation. When the installation was up for those 3 hours, everything mattered to me. Weather mattered. History of the American interstate highway system mattered. Philadelphia history and my personal history mattered. The history of photography mattered. Critical thinking skills mattered. Vision theory mattered. Politics mattered. Poetic form mattered. And relationships matter.

There's no way to articulate the breadth of how my life and this project intersected. I've asked a lot from family, my friends and from total strangers. And from all who have participated in my work and who have had an interest in my work. And I'm filled with love and gratitude for your participation, friends.

Hope I did good by you guys.

(Part 7 still waiting on a paragraph that I'm going to finish after dinner)

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