Friday, April 29, 2011

30 to 40: Part 6

Facebook exchange between Karen MsKaye McDonald and Zoe Strauss


Karen MsKaye McDonald- What are you trying to write about lil girl?

Zoe Strauss- An essay for my exhibition catalog, and I think you've helped me a lot. A part of the essay is that my life and my work have very little separation... and I think it's because I just I always let everything in and keep everyone who's ever mattered as a part of myself.

Karen MsKaye McDonald- Wow... That is a phenomenal outlook on life. Here's the thing, it's so true to who you are, no one could deny you that truth. The only changes I've observed in you have been slightly physical but your personality has maintained as "Strictly Zoey". I've looked through your photos and I can see things as you saw them, even when we were 10 years old. Loving it so much!

Zoe Strauss- I'm putting that in the book. For real. xoxox


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