Friday, April 29, 2011

30 to 40: Part 3

In Biloxi, Mississippi, I met a woman who had her wedding ring made into two spectacular gold capped lateral incisors. She and her husband had melted down their wedding rings and gotten gold teeth made out of them because her husband was a mechanic and he couldn't wear his ring at work because it kept getting caught when he was working on engines, hence the gold tooth solution. I thought it was a really beautiful story. When thinking about the portrait that came out our exchange, the story mattered to me in considering where, or if, the image was to placed in the installation. But no one needed to that story for the image to be successful. Her gesture and expression were enough to help folks to construct their own reasons regarding to what was happening when the portrait was made. For me, the image is paramount when making a portrait and everything I want the viewer to see is contained within the frame. My exchange with the people who participated in making the portrait matters a great, great deal to me, but for I-95 all of the images were intended for the viewer creating their own narrative. I am open about how my work is made, but for 95 it there were only images and viewers were open to their own reading of the content of the photos.

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