Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zoe Strauss Bio


Attended and was not expelled from any of these schools:

Albert Einstein Day School, Las Vegas, NV

Solomon Schechter Day School, Philadelphia, PA

Mayfair Elementary, Philadelphia, PA

McCall Elementary, Philadelphia, PA

Greenfield Elementary, Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia High School for Girls, Philadelphia, PA

Temple University, Philadelphia, PA- approximately 2 years total, although not concurrent


Delivery Person- Parktowne Place Pharmacy
Ice Cream Scooper- Maron's Ice Cream
Sewing machine operator- K and D Clothing
House Painter
Magazine Buyer, Cashier and Stocker- Tower Records
Dancer- All In The Family A-go-go
Book Seller- Giovanni's Room
Drug Study Test Subject- GlaxoSmithKline
Counter Help- El Taco Grande
Cook-Taco House
Installation Artist


History will absolve Mike said...

Uh...I wasn't aware that you matriculated at All in the Family Lounge. That place was something else but the word "clean" doesn't come to mind.
Kevin threw up in there one fine afternoon.

ZS said...

I'm going to guess that there was at least one vomiting incident per day up in there. It was a short stint there as my general demeanor wasn't suited for that job. Also, hirsute and tattooed wasn't really a look that garnered a lot of tips.