Thursday, March 03, 2011

Philadelphia's Finest

As I move forward with "10 Years," and the larger project on the whole, which is secretly working titled "Are We Not Drawn Onward," I have found great inspiration in the Philadelphiacentric following:

1. Shawn McBride's facebook posts.

2. Ladies Night at Chances at 53rd and Market. Let me tell you, I am bursting with Philadelphia pride about this weekly event. Young women, lesbian, bi and trans, all getting their party on in a safe, respectful and fun environment at 53rd and Market. The party organizers and promoters are amazing. Thank you, Philly and Shiz. Unbelievably beautiful.

3. The work of Michael Macfeat.

a. The History of the American Suburb is the history of racism.

4. Shopping at the Acme, which I love for many reasons. One of the top reasons is the Acme sits on the former site of the Moyamensing Prison.

a. Emma Goldman

b. Edgar Allan Poe

c. Charles Bukowski

d. Passmore Williamson

5. The horrifying legacy of the 1985 Move bombing and murders.

6. My own family, particularly my sister's texts.

7. The John Coltrane House.

8. The history of the Fairmount Dam.

a. Flow: the life and times of Philadelphia's Schuylkill River By Beth Kephart

b. One boy drowned, one rescued- 1893

9. The Roots.

10. The constant of being with Lynn Bloom.


History will absolve Mike said...

Thank you so much for your continued support. You are one of the few people involved in the art system in the city of my birth with the courage to constantly endorse my work. We both began by working outside of it for political reasons. I am so accustomed to being treated like a pariah that your support and kind words mean a great deal to me. My daughter Maura has the utmost respect for you because of your work and your kindness toward me, which is even a better endorsement than my own. Check out this recent photo of hers:

All my love,

ZS said...

Well, your work matters a great deal. I love the work and I love you.