Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm going through thousands and thousand of files searching for photos right now and I'm struck by how incredibly difficult it is to make a good photo. Just going through folders and folders and folders of photos not even worth looking at. Theres hardly any images that are as is. There's endless variations on the same moment. With a little bit of sky or no sky? Tighten or more expansive? And there's photos with components that can make a strong photo with significant cropping, needing consideration and work. After all that, the ones that make it past the first cut generally don't make it any further than a folder saved to an unmarked hard drive.

It's not quite time yet to revisit the images that didn't make it to print for I-95. But billions of them and all the variations of the final edit images are waiting to be revisited after the prints are done. Something integral to my editing process was having to go through a disorganized mess of hard drives searching for images, being forced to revisit old images and old choices, making me continuously ask if I was making the right choices. It was time consuming but the kind of "shuffling papers around on a desk" memory model worked best for my editing. A great system for editing, total torture for finding original files.

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ruben said...

A true labor of love.