Tuesday, February 08, 2011

As I gear up for the Art Museum show, I don't know what's happening with this blog. I'm in the midst of editing photos for one component of the exhibition and writing for the catalog.

Writing is painful to me and it hasn't gotten any easier since I started this blog or since I worked on America. My GOD, writing is grueling. Now I'm writing the same sentence again to emphasize that the kind of writing that comes so easy to others is more than a grind for me, including writing emails. The particular writing I'm doing right now is the worst to me, articulating the unconscious movement that allowed me to navigate photo making, sequencing, editing at the same time.

In the past, I'd written posts here and they'd been this stream of consciousness I could come back to and see what's the what and that worked out aok. I'm kind of adrift with how to work on this essay. My style of shuffling the theory and the concrete images around like hundreds of pieces of paper on a desk, then mentally sorting through all of them all with hope of connection and placement. It's difficult enough to talk about it, no less write about it.

So I keep going back and forth about it how it's going to go: the all visible stream of conscious that was an part of the integral I-95 transparency process or a more traditional writing process. It's really got to be one or the other and I've only got a little bit of time to figure it out.


ruben said...

You can write very well!

Just pour your heart out into it just like you have for your blog and 1-95 over the years. Perhaps it will not hurt to revist some of the old blog posts for the Museum show.

It is all there my dear and it is woderful. Never second guess yourself. Keep it real sister just like you. I think that is what the public wants to see and read.

Big love,

andrew wertz said...

clear your head with a reading (or re-reading) of Joan Didion's "Why I Write." It never fails me...


ZS said...

Thank you and love you, Ruben! I'm going full force on it and hoping to get something out of it.

And thank you Andrew. I've never read "Why I Write" by Joan Didion and it's amazing and exactly what I needed.
Thank you, thank you.